Sam 1

#141 Sam1

Three of these coming up. Initially I thought I should not put the three versions up. The reason for that – I had a sense of cheating, and also that I do not want to use up my “quota”. But I slept on it and a few new thoughts crept in and now I post all three with gusto.

They look remarkably different, the exploration of backgrounds here is something unique to the digital medium, this is something to develop and fully realise. And I feel as if the media is asking to be used in this way… in the way a “column asks for a beam” to quote Louis Kahn.


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  1. I absoulutely love horses! This picture is beautiful, and although I am 10 years old, I don’t think I can do anything that well! But I can tell you, (the artist) have had a lot of experience. I hope you continue doing the great work! Bye!

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