Pink Donut

#151 Pink Donut

The way I described my process in the last entry is not quite accurate. I was doodling in Photoshop, I like the way I can use the “bucket” to fill space with colour there and needed some outlines to play with. A donut appeared. I noticed it, partly because I’d been listening to a BBC “In out Time” podcast about Poincaré the founder of topology, the maths of shape. I fiddled with it and then noticed that what was intended as mere shading made it look as if the donut had icing, then the moment came that I wanted to export the file to ArtRage to add the Hundreds and thousands.

Now that did not work! It seems I can export from ArtRage to Photoshop and back, but only if the file originates in ArtRage. So I began again.

My attention to the process is because I am fascinated by where these images come from. It is a case of the medium being the muse, but that is not all! Kate pointed out the connection with my childhood yellow circle. That connection is there!


This one was the yummiest one I came up with.


This print, unlike all the others, is in a limited edition of 100. Giclée prints on A4 archival paper. The next available print is: 1/100


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