Project – Sketches – Reflections – Louis Kahn

1,000 sketches might sound big, it does to me, but what I had not bargained on was the project, it is big. This month I have created a website, sampled and purchased software, explored printing, learnt about giclée, bought a printer, had dozens of conversations about art & the Internet, bought books, visited galleries, surfed the net to learn about art and had little sleep. Not because I am sketching!

The project has got me!

I am reading Louis Kahn – he is to architecture what James Hillman is to psychotherapy. He has that same notion of the world being alive. What does this Project want to be? That is the question he asks about his buildings. He has “realisations” for example streets that want to be buildings. Once you have the realisation then the rest is easy to create, a process to help the natural order of things along.

So what does Thousand Sketches want to be – ah!

  • A building
  • A DIY University
  • A monument
  • A Conversation
  • A boiling cauldron
  • An exploration of media in transition
  • Alchemy
  • A baby in birth
  • A naked blog

My wants and desires are puny.

If I let them come in it is puffery.

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