Julia Morison exhibition in Christchurch

I have been looking at exhibitions and loving the depth revealed when we see the few works shown from many years of delving into thematic material. The Julia Morison exhibition in Christchurch at the moment is a good example.

a loop around a loop


The title says it all, a theme of themes all linked with symbols she has been working with for years. I loved her work, and I think it is great.

My problems with the “variety” (mess I call it) in my project came up when I saw her work. Is that ok? I am, more and more, with what it is. Here my work with the psyche stands me in good stead. The psyche is messy. I am revealing my messy psyche as it unfolds. It is the exposure of it all that is unnerving, sketches are what they are, they just pop out, they are evolving. I am curious where they will take me, they are taking me!

There is a line here! It is not visible in the sketches (yet, maybe later), it is the personal story… picking up where I left off 50 years ago, bringing new maturity, new tech, my profession as a psychotherapist, and my experience with psyberspace to that, catching up. I am playing in public space with the medium, every sketch is an exploration of some new function in the software, or in my delight with a new found realisation or perception I have.

Julia Morrison is exploring digital media well. I will need to learn more! Good that she is in Christchurch.

The tools I have allow “variety”. They want variety, diversity. If I’d invested all this in oils – I’d be just doing oils!

My struggle & discomfort is like not being comfortable (if I were its designer) with the giraffe having a long neck. This is an idea from Louis Kahn. More Kahn coming up.

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