Conversation with Kate – Shit or gold ether way is ok.

I talk to Kate every day about this. She is very enthusiastic about my efforts. What is good for me is that she listens well & I get to hear myself.

In the conversation yesterday I heard myself saying that from a creative point of view the outcome of this project does not matter. If it goes well and it is celebrated in cyberspace and in the world with a spread of the prints then there will be a similar look & feel to the prints. If on the other hand things go flat. Expect an exploration of “flat” (Such a theme is on my mind, after all every drawing has a surface. More later.) If the project goes dead, expect explorations of death. See what happens when I will fill my ink cartridges with blood & shit.

OTOH if it flies, we will see air and flight. If it flows, we will see water and if prints go well on ebay – expect golden images.

Either way the project will go on & have integrity.


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