Project Update

Nothing looks very different on the website but I have been busy.


I have a way of generating pages for new sketches. The links are working as expected especially between the blog and the main site. The site opens on a random page. All the files have new names with the sketch number included – it was getting a bit messy before.


Researching the best way of producing high quality prints. Almost there – I can do them on my own machine & they look good, but I am told they will fade. I can get them done on photo paper and they look good too, but different. Now it is between Kodak & Fuji. Looking like Fuji, they seem to rate best, and look better too, but will do more tests.

Reflecting on how a digital item can generate many “views” and each of them different, including the material versions.

It will take a bit of doing to create images on paper that I like. I will only sign ones that are the best I can create from the web versions.

Tools of the trade

I must have a trial copy of every image program there is. I like something about them all, they all do different things.


Developing. Seeing anew. Seeing in out line, seeing in light & dark. Taking lots of pix to use for resources. Have sketches to put up. I notice that it is taking longer than I thought. I can easily do 1000 in a year, but not ones I want to send up! A policy is emerging: send up any I rate 5 or more out of 10. Not making it too hard, but at the present rate I’ll be doing more like 10,000 sketches.

To do list.

  • Validate the HTML
  • Update the page generator
  • RSS on the blog
  • e-Commerce
  • Launch plan
  • More sketches!
  • Move over the domain to DreamHost (50 days to go due to a restriction in the system)
  • Printing plan
  • software evaluation
  • copyright strategy
  • About page
  • FAQ

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