Buying a Print

Price and Payment Information

Prices vary depending on the edition and the format of the print.

Some prints are handled exclusively through a gallery, and the prices are determined by the gallery. Some prints are on auction and the price will be determined by the auction, this will influence the price of subsequent prints in the edition.

To give an indication of current prices, the first print (if available) in a Limited Edition, purchased directly through this site is USD $95 plus $20 packing, international postage & handling. This is for a print on A3+ paper.

Note: The Postage and handling fee remains the same for any number of additional prints.

The fee for later prints in the edition will be determined by the price of the last sale. Purchasers can be assured that the print value will be maintained.

Please follow these steps to Purchase Prints

Be sure to have read and understood the information About the Prints.

Arrange an order by Email

Please send an email to Walter Logeman with the following information:

  • Name
  • Postal Address
  • The Print Name & Number you would like to purchase.
  • Any other comments.

I will respond (usually the same day) with availability & pricing information. If an edition is being handled by a gallery or in an auction and I will direct you accordingly.

Make a Payment

Please use Pay Pal if you are not in NZ. Please use Internet Banking if you are in New Zealand

Pay Pal


Use your credit card with Pay Pal. It is fast and reliable and handles currency conversions easily. US customers can access their bank funds using PayPal. If you are new to PayPal:  It is easy to join. PayPal is free to US customers, a one-time USD $1.95 membership fee will be assessed to non-US customers by PayPal. Please read the PayPal user agreement for details.


Click Button to to pay US $120 for an A3+ print by Walter Logeman includes packaging, international postage and handling.

If this amount is not the one arranged by email please go to this Custom Pay Pal page.

New Zealand Internet Banking Option

If you have a New Zealand bank account, you can use Internet Banking for the payment as arranged by email.

Westpac 030802 0144073 00

Walter Logeman
New Zealand



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