I am still researching. I am pleased with the Fuji 10 x 8 phtographic prints I am doing at present. However the tones on my HP ink-jet are nicer. But they would fade!

I have come across this: HP Photosmart Pro B9180 photo printer This promises to be very good. I wonder if the prints look good? I need to try it.

This Interview is helpful too.

Here is a detailed review – and more on printing.

And the Wilhelm-Research report…

I am very excited by the development in technology.  I am starting to get visions of bigger & better prints, and that will motivate me! For now I am still using the Fuji prints – they are OK! And they will last, but clearly I will move with what is possible.


One of my favourite sketches so far. My friend, Brian, founder of the Broadcasting School in Christchurch has been supportive of my efforts here. The break through point was his story about a discussion he had a long time ago about publishing, with the then British PM, Harold Macmillan in his capacity as the head of Macmillan Publishers, where they concluded:

“You win some & you lose some, and the important thing is to win a few more than you loose.”

The sentiment is apt for this project in many ways, thanks Brian.

The New Zealand Broadcasting School
Media Training in NZ


Available in a limited edition of 25 prints, pigment ink on archival paper.

This print is available exclusively through the Allen Gallery in Chelsea New York. If you would like to purchase a print please contact Michel Allen.


See prints from the Thousand Sketches exclusive to the Allen Gallery


Thursday, 23 September 2021 

No longer available there of course!

Project Update

Nothing looks very different on the website but I have been busy.


I have a way of generating pages for new sketches. The links are working as expected especially between the blog and the main site. The site opens on a random page. All the files have new names with the sketch number included – it was getting a bit messy before.


Researching the best way of producing high quality prints. Almost there – I can do them on my own machine & they look good, but I am told they will fade. I can get them done on photo paper and they look good too, but different. Now it is between Kodak & Fuji. Looking like Fuji, they seem to rate best, and look better too, but will do more tests.

Reflecting on how a digital item can generate many “views” and each of them different, including the material versions.

It will take a bit of doing to create images on paper that I like. I will only sign ones that are the best I can create from the web versions.

Tools of the trade

I must have a trial copy of every image program there is. I like something about them all, they all do different things.


Developing. Seeing anew. Seeing in out line, seeing in light & dark. Taking lots of pix to use for resources. Have sketches to put up. I notice that it is taking longer than I thought. I can easily do 1000 in a year, but not ones I want to send up! A policy is emerging: send up any I rate 5 or more out of 10. Not making it too hard, but at the present rate I’ll be doing more like 10,000 sketches.

To do list.

  • Validate the HTML
  • Update the page generator
  • RSS on the blog
  • e-Commerce
  • Launch plan
  • More sketches!
  • Move over the domain to DreamHost (50 days to go due to a restriction in the system)
  • Printing plan
  • software evaluation
  • copyright strategy
  • About page
  • FAQ


I now have a new host for the site & this blog is there too. No more worries about the terms of service or running out of disk space. Some images are up, and the page design has been updated. Still to do:

  • Validate the HTML
  • Update the page generator
  • RSS on the blog
  • e-Commerce
  • Launch plan
  • More sketches!
  • Move over the domain to DreamHost (50 days to go due to a restriction in the system)

I am loving the sketching! I have more to put up, but want to get the systems right so I don’t need to tweak too many files.


Click image to go to the Edward image on the Thousand Sketches site

# 3 Edward

Edward stayed with us on the weekend. I noticed how I was taking photos with sketches in mind.

Later: We had conversations about this project, and no doubt will have more. Search (box top right) with the word Edward.


The beginning is not the Launch. As I write this there are a few things in place: The the ideas are in my head. Thousand Sketches website is active, there are a few sketches up. Now this blog. Firmly in place is my gratitude for all the encouragement. I won’t name people right now but there are plenty who have said “Go for it!”

Some of what is not in place: The plan will be explained in the About page. A firming up of the design of everything online and a launch, some sort of party to celebrate this project.

I will put up 1000 sketches in one year. The prints are for sale.

Please don’t link to the blog or the website just yet, that time will come as the project is Launched!