Prints on Show – November 2007









Walter Logeman’s Thousand Sketches project is coming to its conclusion.
There will be a selection of prints on show during the month of November
including, at some time during the month, print #1000.

Prints will be for sale.

Opening: Monday 5 November
5.30 pm Viewing: Drinks & Nibbles
6.30 pm – A conversation about the project with Walter

Savoy Brown Café 143 High Street.

Thanks to Kate (from Savoy Brown) for the use of the space!







I had a lovely conversation with Christine, a friend. After I’d been chatting about Thousand Sketches for a while she reflected back I had a fascination with form.

She is right, I had never seen that so sharply. I am more fascinated by the form than the content. I like the shape of a sonnet. I’ll sketch it now!

Larger Image.

The canvas is a form. The blog is a form. The limited edition print is a form. (for all the artificial limitation in the digital age) .

Form is a wondrous thing. The medium is the message.


Shakespeare follows:

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Works on paper by West Coast Potter – reflections on stuff

I have seen his pots, but seeing his works on paper draws me in closer. I saw one at the Arthouse recently and made a note to look online for more.

John Crawford, Hector Pottery.

I would like to make a trip to the coast just to see these. The motivation is stuff. My interest in the physical. I want to see how people make prints and works on paper to see how I might translate (now there is a word!) my “templates”. There is another word.

(In ship building there is a early version before they make the mold, what do they call that? It might even be a sort of negative… hmmm my digital files are like negatives. )

Anyway I like his work, the content and the form.

An image follows.

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#0824 Curtailed
Larger Image.

I can think “arm move” and it does. There are people who have lost or never had that ability. I have lost the ability to sketch on my screen like I used to. Temporarily, frustrating rather than a tragedy. I have also possibly lost the last few sketches – and the originals of a few more, I’ll hear tomorrow.

Firstly more about this sketch which was done with a pen on a digital pad, and then some reflections on evolution.

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Made physical

Born digital & made physical…

Below are some photos of the studio, stuff being made. But that is not all, I have some canvasses being put on stretchers by Don, and some images being printed by Jeff

I am devising more physical forms. Making stuff is great. Will post pix when the items are done. Here are photos of the printing I do myself:






We had a great Celebration!

Savoy Brown is a lovely place for a gathering of friends & to put up art. Thanks to everyone who came, and for such warm comments about the work. One I appreciated, and several people made it, was that there has been development in my work. I think so, but it is hard to know.

In addition to the computer slide shows, plenty of prints on the wall and my folders on view I had three 1.2 meter wide canvasses on the wall:

image       image      image

They were hot off the press today and looked stunning. They scaled up really well.

I am pleased that I took a few orders.

If anyone has some photos from the night I’d love a copy!

Thanks again Simon, Sara, Bona, Kate for all the good work.

Half Way

#500 Half Way
Larger Image.

11″ x 8.5″ image on 13″ x 19″ archival matte paper.

It was not really half way on the walk, but it is a nice title for the sketch anyway. And it is half way through the 1000 – I may be a bit behind, but pleased to have made it thus far.

On a recent walking trip with friends from to Sumner to Taylors Mistake and back.