#0832 Cup
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Just because I have no pen does not mean I can stop! It has taken three days of installing 7 running around to get a PC that can get these images up. Now I am doing them. I must say, frustrating as it is doing this with a mouse, I am learning something. One thing is that I clench the mouse, I could let it flow more. Another is that I could emphasise the simple lines. See how one thing leads to another.


#0782 Alchemy
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Maybe there is alchemy here because this was just black on white, and it transformed, or because there is something brewing in that beaker… or maybe I just did this one and the next few in the Alchemy café.

My day so far

We biked out to the beach through the park, had breakfast. I put up the rest of the sketches from yesterday’s drawing group. Then I did a few fast still life sketches (next post?) Walked through the panhandle then up he hill to Haight, then along past Ashbury till I found this café: Rocking Java I like it. Yelp.


And here is a sketch from the chairs in front of me. One of the eight still lifes I did today.

#0621 Chairs
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Art on the wall is interesting РGicl̩es by John Mavroudis

This is one on the wall here:

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#0579 Move!
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11″ x 8.5″ image on 13″ x 19″ archival matte paper. I think this one will look good in the 1.2 meter wide canvas format.

I had a good time at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – I went three times during the day & took sketch breaks. So there may be a little bit of derivation going on. Obliquely. Looking at great art all day I get a real sense of what inspires me to create and it is the kinesthetic, large, and the thoughtfully bold. I’ll write up a bit more from my visit in the next post.

Balancing Rock

#0566 Balancing Rock
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11″ x 8.5″ image on 13″ x 19″ archival matte paper.

This is an art work by my friend John H – which I took a photo of and now sketched. The digital version will survive this ephemeral creation. Rocks are balanced by feel – feel and more feel, an act of love & concentration, a meditation. Balance more rocks!

This particular one with its heart shape reminds me of works by Jim Dine. See the image below

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