Works on paper by West Coast Potter – reflections on stuff

I have seen his pots, but seeing his works on paper draws me in closer. I saw one at the Arthouse recently and made a note to look online for more.

John Crawford, Hector Pottery.

I would like to make a trip to the coast just to see these. The motivation is stuff. My interest in the physical. I want to see how people make prints and works on paper to see how I might translate (now there is a word!) my “templates”. There is another word.

(In ship building there is a early version before they make the mold, what do they call that? It might even be a sort of negative… hmmm my digital files are like negatives. )

Anyway I like his work, the content and the form.

An image follows.

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I wanted to see these together. I am going against the digital tweaking ethos I gave myself, but then the computer got into a huff.

These three were done in the new ArtRage 2.5. It may seem like I am lauding a child’s toy, but it is the most wonderful toy. I see that with the stencils, new in the version I just installed, at this opportune moment, they have made ArtRage 2.5 highly non-pen friendly. It has whole new levels of functionality as one can add stencils, gradients, and textures of one’s own. It goes beyond a toy as it will work to an amazing depth, infinite depth. Annd innovative: Look at the ruler! They have made a ruler for cyberspace!

These are images: #0829 Stencil #0830 Stencil #0831 Stencil and you can click on them to see a larger one.

I had to use the full name of each image: eg #0829 Stencil so that any objects produced can phone home through Google. They will!

ArtRage 2.5

#0863 ArtRage 2.5
Larger Image.

A quick doodle in ArtRage 2.5, which I have just downloaded – still no pen, so this is a mouse sketch. This is a break through interface & functionality. I have said it before perhaps – I wish Corel had an interface like this! All the extra functionality in Corel X takes so long to learn, and the interface, apes Photoshop and someone needs to break away from that anachronism. I wish every kid had a Tablet with this on it. Are those $100 PCs tablets?

I have often, in ArtRage 2.00 wished for this or that. All the enhancements I wished for are here in this version. Layers work like a dream. The new default location of layers is fantastic. There will be more to discover… when I have my pen back!

An admin note about numbering follows:

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Mondrian R2

#0828 Mondrian R2
Larger Image.

Look no pen! This originated on the Mondrimat site. I did a bit of post-production in ArtRage 2 and also in ACDsee. Piet Mondrian is just one of those people I was thinking of who was cutting edge. Arrangement, composition even when there is very little else to go on, or especially when there is little to distract from the abstraction, counts. Not a new idea, but he made an art form out of that simple idea.

The software uses his rules, even though I don’t know what they are. So there is a bit of original Piet Mondrian in this! Though I confess to thinking Diebenkorn as well.

Related: Pollock’o’matics.


#0824 Curtailed
Larger Image.

I can think “arm move” and it does. There are people who have lost or never had that ability. I have lost the ability to sketch on my screen like I used to. Temporarily, frustrating rather than a tragedy. I have also possibly lost the last few sketches – and the originals of a few more, I’ll hear tomorrow.

Firstly more about this sketch which was done with a pen on a digital pad, and then some reflections on evolution.

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Eight Abstracts from Thousand Sketches for sale on Art Bash

Eight selected abstracts from the “Thousand Sketches” are currently for sale on Art Bash, a New Zealand online Gallery and art site.

The selection is not so much a representation as a group that highlights my abstract explorations. It is good for me to see this small pool highlighted in this way. The editions of 25 are all in pigment ink on heavy Hahnemuhle Paper, 13 x 19 inches. They are currently available only through Art Bash (they will be briefly available at the exhibition that is coming up as well).

Have a look at the selection.

Trees III

#0792 Trees III
Larger Image.

I am involved in a discussion about digital art. There is a big variety of stuff that could be lumped under that name.

The trees are done using real media emulation (RME) (Has any one ever used that acronym?). There are some media that are flat on the surface, pencil, ink, dye and so on. There are some that have depth, like oil. In my opinion the flat stuff emulates well. The fake depth is kitch. I use it all the time!

But what I rarely do is filter images to produce effects. Just as part of the conversation I did that with this tree. I will keep avoiding it I think.

What I don’t avoid is to use the digital media to the full for getting the colours I want and to do other post production work. I also like the “negative” work in the Incantations.

But this computery flare?

What do you think?

Made physical

Born digital & made physical…

Below are some photos of the studio, stuff being made. But that is not all, I have some canvasses being put on stretchers by Don, and some images being printed by Jeff

I am devising more physical forms. Making stuff is great. Will post pix when the items are done. Here are photos of the printing I do myself:






Born Digital

#0765 Born Digital
Larger Image.

Had a great conversation with my friend Brian about the relationship between info and objects. He summed up an idea that has been bubbling in my blog posts with these words “born digital”. That is a central realization in the Thousand Sketches project. Art is either born physical, and then described or photographed to be digital, or it is born digital and made physical, it can have many physical forms.

One more image, followed by lots more and more TALK!

#0765 Born Digital
Larger Image.

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