From photographic production to ink-jet

I am updating this post by adding yet another intro. I now print my own using Archival paper & an Epson R2400 printer. This is creating bigger and better and more durable prints than I have been able to outsource.


History follows.


Here is what was in the terms page until today:

When you purchase the print of a sketch here is what you get.

A minimum 10×8 inch print made on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper (matt). All the prints, even when they are landscape mode are printed on paper in portrait mode with a wide white border. So the images may be quite small.

But it has changed. I will use an ink-jet process using high quality papers & pigment based inks that pass the durability tests. I will out-source that through a third party, I have several I am trying out. The prints look better in ink than in the photographic chemicals. Eventually I will get my own printer, I want that creative control. I’d get one right now but the one I want is not available in NZ. More on that later.

The photographic images might be of use for some things. I will leave open the possibility of a range of media, but ink-jet A4 will be the default.



There is a tradition, and this project may be connected. Giclée. Nice word (Zhi Clay). Fine arts prints using ink jet printers. There is something else afoot in … Giclée usually involves original physical copies this project does not. The net is more figural in this project, and here is the guts of it: the net is the canvas.



I am still researching. I am pleased with the Fuji 10 x 8 phtographic prints I am doing at present. However the tones on my HP ink-jet are nicer. But they would fade!

I have come across this: HP Photosmart Pro B9180 photo printer This promises to be very good. I wonder if the prints look good? I need to try it.

This Interview is helpful too.

Here is a detailed review – and more on printing.

And the Wilhelm-Research report…

I am very excited by the development in technology.  I am starting to get visions of bigger & better prints, and that will motivate me! For now I am still using the Fuji prints – they are OK! And they will last, but clearly I will move with what is possible.