The Stumps

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#49 Stumps2

I spent a lot of time trying to get the sky & the bush in the front. None of it looked right. Then Kate said “I love that!” when I was back to the skyline layer. It is the view at Mt. Lyford from just near our house. There is a deep dark valley between us & those trees. I will do more & capture that if I can.

Sketches, unlike paintings do not usually cover the whole surface. The underlying surface is integral to the image. Having said that, some painterly sketches follow that do cover the available space.


I have given this image less height and printed it in A3+ in “landscape” – does the thing more justice. I will go with the larger prints.

Epsom 2400 printer producing a landscape image on 13 by 19 A3+ paper


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#43 Lyford-Green

Went for a long walk today in the hills. Looked at the colours. A cloudy day. Thinking about landscapes and still focussed on Palm work. Here is the result.


Available in a limited edition of 25 prints, pigment ink on archival paper.

This print is available exclusively through the Allen Gallery in Chelsea New York. If you would like to purchase a print please contact Michel Allen.


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