Eli & Kate

#165 Kate & Eli

I am intrigued by this one. I began it at the same time as I did the early sketch #5 Eli, This one seemed too obscure at that time, but something is happening to what I see… I have more tech options and like this effect here. I think it has the feel of the walk at Mt. Lyford.

In case you are wondering… Kate had her hands tucked into her sleeves in the chill. I tried hands but prefer this version.


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#153 Hills

This was one that goes with the Hill Lines ones I did a while back. I thought I’d posted it but hadn’t. Here it is belatedly.


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This print is in a limited edition of 25 Giclée prints on A3+, 33 cm x 48 cm archival paper. The image size is 28 cm x 28 cm. The next available print is: 1/25


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Mt. Lyford

#145 mtlyford


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This print is in a limited edition of 25 Giclée prints on A3+ archival paper. The next available print is: 1/25


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Hill Lines

#80 Hill_Lines3a

I like a couple of things about this one. The silver & gold – as it looked to me – relates to the hills which have been stripped of their native bush – for commercial reasons. And I have worked this from rough sketches to this more definitive … sketch?

That is the trouble – this is beyond sketching. I wanted these things to be sketches in their own right – but this one wants to be a painting. It wants real paint too. Damn. Why is it a problem? There is no way I can do 1000 of these in one year. Ah!

Some of the sketches are having a battle with the project!! I hope they sort it out 🙂

For all that it looks good in its A3+ print!


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The Bacchanals
The Bacchanals are a theatre company based in Wellington, New Zealand, dedicated to exploring text-based theatre.


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Thousand Sketches

A project to create a thousand sketches
in one year by Walter Logeman


Celebrate the birth of this project and watch it unfold throughout the coming year. There will be 100 on show and for sale.

Friday 3 November 2006

5.30 pm Viewing: Drinks & Nibbles
6.30 pm Launch:
A conversation about the project with Walter

Elizabeth Kelly Room
Arts Centre
Corner of Hereford Street & Rolleston Ave
Christchurch New Zealand


03 377 1206


“Thousand Sketches” brings together my interest in drawing, psychotherapy and cyberspace in a dramatic & dynamic way. I think of it as a conversation & I look forward to your participation.  – Walter



It is good for the mind to go back to the beginning because the beginning of any established activity of a person is its most wonderful moment. For in it lies all its spirit and resourcefulness, from which we must constantly draw our inspirations of present needs.

Louis Kahn




Print out an invitation: launch_invite.pdf