The Links – creating a sociocorpus.

They are ads for those who want an ad. No doubt. But I am not calling them ads anymore. Sponsored links is ok. I realise that as they go they create a map. The first sketches sold will go to someone, somewhere. Hopefully the links will indicate a place on the globe? At least a place in cyberspace. As I post out prints I will have cities to post them to. I can map that. There will be a visual image of the distribution. So you could be an advertiser, or just love the picture, or, to put it quaintly, be a patron of the arts!

Audience participation. It creates a context for the images and prints. They will be part of a sociocorpus. Not only the map, the comments with each image will embody a flow of connection.


Just had the first comment come in now, from Bex, a quick response to the very Soft Launch.

And another comment from Dan & a wonderful post in his blog! Have a look. Thanks Dan.

Soft Launch

I have started telling a few friends that the site is live. Until today it has been private, now I will send out a few links. It is one month into the project. A moment of birth.

As Kate just said: the virus has been released.

Conversation with Kate – Shit or gold ether way is ok.

I talk to Kate every day about this. She is very enthusiastic about my efforts. What is good for me is that she listens well & I get to hear myself.

In the conversation yesterday I heard myself saying that from a creative point of view the outcome of this project does not matter. If it goes well and it is celebrated in cyberspace and in the world with a spread of the prints then there will be a similar look & feel to the prints. If on the other hand things go flat. Expect an exploration of “flat” (Such a theme is on my mind, after all every drawing has a surface. More later.) If the project goes dead, expect explorations of death. See what happens when I will fill my ink cartridges with blood & shit.

OTOH if it flies, we will see air and flight. If it flows, we will see water and if prints go well on ebay – expect golden images.

Either way the project will go on & have integrity.


Conversation with Johnathan Smart

Here is a report on a conversation that I had about two weeks ago. It had an impact, and sent me into a reticent mood, so blogging it now, two weeks later.


I like Johnathan, and I like his gallery, and on the first of September I popped in for a look. Chatting about the project was not really on my mind, I did not have many sketches up and no computer with me, or prints. However we got chatting & I showed him the sketches I had online on his computer. About five at that stage. He was interested and liked the project, the concept, the aspect. The project.

I felt my cringe factor creep in with sketches of the horse & the cat. That conversation led to me thinking again about what I was doing. The project. I felt down, but it was a good conversation. I look forward to more.


Today I embrace that aspect. This is part of my much bigger life-long project of “Exploring the Psyche in Cyberspace” in that field I am in my element.

Conversations with Alex


Alex was here on a visit from Dunedin on the weekend, she is such an enthusiast about art, a tutor in art theory in Dunedin. I just loved our connection & learnt so much, it will come through in the posts to come; and in the sketches! The outstanding moment was as we were talking about one project within the project, something more thematic & dramatic (it will show in in good time):

“Get rid of the fucking cats and flowers & just do 1,000 sketches on this one thing!”

She was involved, not damning. I get it, there is no theme, no unity no form, I had already felt that. I am just starting something unformed, doodling, experimenting with the tools. Our discussions around that got me to think more clearly; taking down stuff would not fit with the bigger idea of this project. There is a bigger idea too. This is project is itself a unified thing, an entity in its own right. It is an artwork of a kind. It is following my journey, catching up from childhood drawing, integrating it with my current explorations in Cyberspace. I am nakedly showing my process of grappling with art on the net, writing this blog about the journey & doing it all in one one year. The project is the art more than the individual sketches. The sketches will evolve, I am only about 4% into them, there is room to grow.

Also evolving is the project’s own life, and I am evolving.


One of my favourite sketches so far. My friend, Brian, founder of the Broadcasting School in Christchurch has been supportive of my efforts here. The break through point was his story about a discussion he had a long time ago about publishing, with the then British PM, Harold Macmillan in his capacity as the head of Macmillan Publishers, where they concluded:

“You win some & you lose some, and the important thing is to win a few more than you loose.”

The sentiment is apt for this project in many ways, thanks Brian.

The New Zealand Broadcasting School
Media Training in NZ


Available in a limited edition of 25 prints, pigment ink on archival paper.

This print is available exclusively through the Allen Gallery in Chelsea New York. If you would like to purchase a print please contact Michel Allen.


See prints from the Thousand Sketches exclusive to the Allen Gallery


Thursday, 23 September 2021 

No longer available there of course!


Click image to go to the Edward image on the Thousand Sketches site

# 3 Edward

Edward stayed with us on the weekend. I noticed how I was taking photos with sketches in mind.

Later: We had conversations about this project, and no doubt will have more. Search (box top right) with the word Edward.