Found some old sketches, from right at the start of this project. Here is the initial doodle, followed by my taking it through various processes. I am now pleased I learnt how to do that. I don’t rely on filterin to do the job, but many of the sketches get a little post production.

#0710 Base
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#0708 Encounter
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Can be cropped:

#0708 Encounter Cropped
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No it is not the “Red Moon Eclipse” that is right outside as I type.

Something along these lines may be used on the ANZPA website. It is the Psychodrama encounter symbol, somewhat stylised. It is a symbol I find meaningful. Dialogue, meeting, opposites, connection and a uniting of heaven & earth. It is here because I was asked to do something along these lines. I was thinking about “green-gold” as an idea, sparked by a conversation about Black Gold, that still has not come forth, but it must be closer.

Empire State

#0705 Empire State
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Not the last go I will have at the Empire State or the New York skyline. This little portal to the icon was just across the road from where I stayed.

Interesting name now I think of it. Empire State – were they neo-cons back then who wanted to dominate the world?

I’m Home! Things are coming together.

Night Life (from NY):

#0701 Night Life
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Hardly night life I had, other than going to nice places at night for a meal.

I am back after a 24 hour flight.

On the plane I did a lot of reflecting about where to with the sketches. And it is interesting to post this one that I had already done. Read on.

One thing is that I now want to return to the local, that makes sense. I also want to work with the memories and the thousands of photos from San Francisco and New York. I’ll do both. So that is content.

From a process point of view here is the idea I had on the plane: Make the abstracts more figurative and the figurative more abstract. Bring it all together. Integrate.

And a little further than that too, I have drawn a hard line for myself: No real media till the project is done. Now as I come closer to the 1000 I am thinking real media more and more. Here is the move I am plotting: Explore a greater variety of paper. For example use pastel papers for the pastels. Perhaps use the background colours for the digital ones here and then explore printing with that layer removed on the appropriate medium.

Use the larger formats more, perhaps for canvas but also board and for A2 sheets of watercolor board etc.


The thought was there a matter of hours ago, and now posting this I see I was already, more unconsciously integrating various styles.

I have put this in the Abstract category and also in Cafes. I have not done that before.

And yes this is in the New York and the New Zealand category. It is process and Sketchblog. Things are coming together.