I had to re enter the process. These are ones that I am doing as I read about Richard Diebenkorn – and they are derivative. But then Diebenkorn derived his Ocean park series from a Matisse, and took it a long way on! More later I’ll try to find some images for the next post.


#693 Trees
Larger Image.

Still posting from San Francisco… Biked back from the Legion of Honour via the beach & the park. Fantastic views of trees silhouetted against the water… the quck sketch is all I have so far.

Life Drawing Tuesday Evening – Mission

Here are the images from a long intense night. Intense. Can I do this and relax more??

That would be a good thing to explore. One thing is that many of these poses are one or 2 minutes long – I feel under pressure, however I am learning to flick through those controls!

Below is one image and link to the rest.

#0649 3e

The rest are here.