Working hard, movie, Flax & Marcel Duchamp

Working on the new website for – it is almost done & will look a lot fresher & be up to date & hosted on a cheaper server. But in the midst of overdoing that my eyes have got very sore – strain? Infection? New drops. Does not stop me from looking though.

Saw the movie As it is in Heaven feel good type movie but with an edge, I liked it a lot, and the music too. I thought how I would like to make images like that music!

Then to keep going with my flax sketches I took some photos, flax photos & some from a video -> -> ->

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Bunker 1

#467 Bunker 1
Larger Image.

Kate & I have been on some great walks in the Port Hills of Christchurch lately. Above Lyttelton are some old concrete structures, I’ll call them bunkers. The were part of the defences against the Japanese who almost invaded New Zealand in WWII. They are quite beautiful sitting there on the hillside. The remind me of Lois Khan buildings (though I have only seen pix) – and I want to draw more of these buildings with minimalist strong lines. Basic stuff. One Khan image done a while back – Salk Interior.

The sketches are from the photos I took, and here are some more pix, to contextualise the sketches.

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Flax Flower

It’s Sunday 3 December, walked round Hagley Park today – the flax is out. Spring is over – Summer is here.



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Took this yesterday. Just as I was thinking about Landscapes – this sky turns up! Happy to be there with my camera at that moment.

I will follow up some time with inspirations from Marilynn Webb.

How can I sketch this!