Life Drawing Tuesday Evening – Mission

Here are the images from a long intense night. Intense. Can I do this and relax more??

That would be a good thing to explore. One thing is that many of these poses are one or 2 minutes long – I feel under pressure, however I am learning to flick through those controls!

Below is one image and link to the rest.

#0649 3e

The rest are here.

Preparation – Life Drawing Tuesday Evening – Mission

Another go at life drawing. Good to do. Hard. Learning lots. A lot of sketches… basically I sketch for three hours solid with many poses, it is like entering another world. I’d like to do more, might look for something in New York and in Christchurch, however I feel like such a beginner and different with my tablet there while they all have charcoal.

I began at lunchtime with some preparation, exploring textures. Inked in a few from the last time, but that felt wrong, that led to pencil. Finished up using mostly pencil ecept for the large patches of black, used pastel for that. Everything is done in Artrage II. I am putting them all up in two pages. Exploring textures is the first page. Here is one of the sketches, done in one of my favourite San Francisco cafes “Roasters”.

#0641 Ritual
Larger Image.

See more explorations here

Life Drawing Group, Saturday 4 August 2007 San Francisco

Now that was a very interesting new thing to do in my life. What a lot of learning. The sketches are mostly looser & rougher than I put up and all from the one class. They are all part of the project. One ot the things about doing these 1000 sketches is that I do want to sketch and this event gave me “permission to do that. I want to sketch lots to explore, loosen up, and discover my hand. Another few of these events will help. I will also give the same 2 min approach per sketch a go NOW for some still lifes.

Below is one, and the link to the rest.
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#0584 Hand
Larger Image.

I am going to a live drawing group tomorrow. I’ve never done that before and spent a bit of time warming up today. Trying pens, chalk etc. And just looking at people in the café & sketching live. I’m posting them.

Pete’s Café

#0575 Pete’s Café
Larger Image.

In Pete’s Café near the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – the rest of the day the art gallery was the focus. I am now in the Café Museo posting up some sketches I did after being inspired in the museum.

These line sketches are fun, but I like my kinaesthetic big bold abstracts. I sketch them here on this little screen but imagine myself in some rural studio with unlimited real materials. But I am ahead of myself…