Thousand Sketches Talk

At the launch I realised I like talking about this project. It energises me and it was great to see how people were enthused by it. I heard others thinking about what the “Project” might be in their life. People asked good questions !

I am happy to do talks! I can show prints and project the images.


I like drawings. I like sketches & I like doing them. I like the simplicity.

I did lots of these as a kid:

“Simplicity is the advanced course”

It is all coming together – Launch Talk

I wrote in the invitation: ““Thousand Sketches” brings together my interest in drawing, psychotherapy and cyberspace in a dramatic & dynamic way.”

I am preparing for a short talk at the launch and these are the three headings for the talk:

  • Drawing</li)
  • Psyberspace
  • Psychotherapy

This project is at a perfect storm moment for DIY media & creativity. What has come together to enable me is the Tablet PC, broadband, blogging, Trade Me, You tube, and the new printing technology.

next slide 🙂