Scarlett Sleeping

#190 Scarlett Sleeping

Another, finally in my Dylan Video series. This one I have done and deleted about 50 times.

I listened to a Kim Hill interview with Mike Nesmith once of the Monkeys. It is a good long discussion about creativity. Worth listening to. One thing he discusses its how he is fine about revisions, forever!

I might need that to get this one right. Bennett Miller – who directed “Capote” reputedly made the video, wonderfully captured. I will make more in this series from the video.


A category in my blog: Sketches based on Kill Bill movies


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#121 Scarlet3

This is the first of an unfinished series. I love the YouTube video that was made for the Bob Dylan 2006 album “Modern Times” I began making sketches from that video a while back and wanted to put the whole series up in one go. I have more to do! They have been challenging. However, I will give them a category, and so eventually they can all be seen on the blog in one go anyway.



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