#0988 Dreaming
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I dreamt the sky and the earth were dreaming about their love.


#0966 Shark

I dreamt a woman artist had collaborated with two older men, one did the background the other some frame setting. The woman was to draw in a shark, or was it carp? This was about 20 years ago and she had never completed the project. The men were now dead and famous, the picture would be worth millions, so I encouraged her to add the fish! It is not too late. She did.

Waking Up in New York

In the catholic boarding house, looked out the window and saw buildings, this one & the next are the views from the room I am staying in.

Dream: I had a dream that night that I did a series of sketches called “Here & There” which is a nice title I think. The Here ones were very close up details, soft, textured, abstract of somethings close to my eye, like the sheets on the bed. There was more like the buildings out there. Hmm, may need to match these with a few Here.

✔ July 2021

give it a title

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I dreamt I provided a social service. My usual copyright is modified for this sketch. Anyone can sign it, and name it, provided money from sales go to a New Zealand registered charity. I will do my usual 25 prints, I will call mine NOT, they can be purchased & money will go to suitable cause arranged with purchaser. I do not require a percentage from re-sale.

Prints are in pigment ink on 13 inch by 19 inch archival paper.

Later: Saturday, 29 December, 2007
I really hoped Helen Clark would take me up on this. Of course it is not too late, though paintergate is a long time ago..


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Dream: Calm Death

#0435 Dream: Calm Death
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I dreamt a leader had died. Not tragically, but in the right sort of way. Perhaps he was an artist or a Psychodrama director. There was a ceremony with many who were intimately connected. In the dream I was given a clear image to sketch of the man who died, and this reproduces it fairly well.