Pelican in Flight


#0427 Pelican in Flight

The abstract emergence is interrupted by a sketchblog item. This is from the time in Australia, by the beach in Narrabeen travelling with Josh & Amy. More from that time coming up. A journal and a blog about our trip, frustratingly delayed. And even as I write there are sketches of the mountain brewing. Mt. Lyford is glowing outside as I write I I want to capture those moods.

I have added the Sketchblog Category, and will update the whole blog retrospectively. There, done, I now have a sketchblog for 2006-7 year of the sketch. What qualifies posts for this category? They reflect my life as I sketch it, outer life & inner life. Hmmm, they all do that… perhaps it is to do with my purpose, these are a journal of travels, even in my own circles.




Another unknown bird, next sketch is the same one in flight. They always seem to fly away! But wait, there is a pelican I have that is flying towards me! (next batch.)


#407 Pelican
Larger Image.

Our week in Australia was a really interesting bird watching week. Amy was quite focussed on it, and I want to sketch everyone I saw. Here are the first two, beautiful big fat pelicans that hung out by our swimming spot. These birds are the icon for this area. I don’t think I saw many, if any of these on the South coast where I grew up.


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