Patrick Heron – 1920-1999

Watched a video about British abstract painter Patrick Heron

95 of his pictures can be clicked through in the Tate Online.

Made a Podcast after watching the video.

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Later: The podcast is not so much about Heron so much as about me. Not even that, it is on the theme of the value of talent / training / education / miseducation. I relate this to my psychotherapy process and I think I have an element of envy of the privilege Heron had in being recognised so early in his family.

Some of his pictures follow:

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Waipera Pines 1

#238 Waipera Pines 1
Click for larger image.

These last few sketches are not part of some new turn are they? If they recapitulate it is only me they are recapitulating. Yet as I did them I sensed development, perhaps not improvement but some movement in me, and so there is satisfaction.

Also I want this to be a sketch blog, and these are all scenes and moments from my life as I live it. It’s a diary, a travelogue, autobiographical in the most literal way.

Yet there is a turn to make – one I am feeling as a despair as I do this stuff. I don’t know how to do it. Doing more thinking about art, podcasts – conversations will that do it? Or is it a case of sketching my way through it? I think so.


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