Inspiration: linking to Daily Art, by Martha Collins.

Daily Art is a blog in my blogroll. There is a bit of art history everyday, todays is a Vuillard

I discover that it is part of something called Intimisme.

It ties in with how I was first introduction to Vuillard, he is the painter of the “Woman at a window sewing” on the cover of Thomas Moore’s book “Care of the Soul.”

I used that image years ago in a webpage describing Depth Psychology

I am attracted to his work, the soulfulness comes through to me in the style as much as the content. If the soul has colours & shapes – he seems to know how to make them.


Marthas blog is worth subscribing to, thanks Martha.


I am putting inspirational images behind a More tag, so as not to confuse them with my own:

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Pine Ridge

#180 Pine Ridge

I pronounced this one done. It was done quite quickly, but not really as there were a few goes that took a lot longer, but which I deleted. The speed seems to give it more character & freedom. It is in two pencil settings – one with just the point, the other with the largest possible he”angle” simulating a pencil used on its edge. Its done but I was after another look. There may be more along these lines to come!

All day I have been looking at the world thinking how could I do that in pencil? It is particularly hard when it comes to large areas of black & whiter than white highlights. How can that be done? I notice that sort of contrast on peoples faces. More pencil pending.


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