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Thousand Sketches

A project to create a thousand sketches
in one year by Walter Logeman


Celebrate the birth of this project and watch it unfold throughout the coming year. There will be 100 on show and for sale.

Friday 3 November 2006

5.30 pm Viewing: Drinks & Nibbles
6.30 pm Launch:
A conversation about the project with Walter

Elizabeth Kelly Room
Arts Centre
Corner of Hereford Street & Rolleston Ave
Christchurch New Zealand


03 377 1206

“Thousand Sketches” brings together my interest in drawing, psychotherapy and cyberspace in a dramatic & dynamic way. I think of it as a conversation & I look forward to your participation.  – Walter



It is good for the mind to go back to the beginning because the beginning of any established activity of a person is its most wonderful moment. For in it lies all its spirit and resourcefulness, from which we must constantly draw our inspirations of present needs.

Louis Kahn




Print out an invitation: launch_invite.pdf

Project development – website

It has been a busy time! I have just put up 15 sketches, and also re-vamped all the pages so that they now have a “Bottom Menu” – this is often off the screen – and this is to keep the opening screen as clean as I can. However it is a menu that will be on all pages and I can update it easily as there are more perspectives etc. Most of the links work right now, if not soon.

Please explore!

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#73 Sky3c

Earlier I posted a photo of the sky and wondered how I would sketch it. A few goes follow. Again light is coming through a layer – not bursting but flowing… even when I don’t quite get what I am looking for I feel ok about what comes.


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Totara_Bark_Colours – More realisations

#72 Totara_Bark_Colours3

This looks like the others in the M series, and it is and it has its own story.

The Gum picture is one I like. So on the basis of that I took some snaps of Totara bark – and tried the same technique as with the Gums – but to no avail, after dozens of goes I quit. They looked wrong.

I notices in the Totaras that there was a pink light wanting to come through all that rough gray.

With the Totara’s inner life bursting through here it bodes well! (Given that I am what I see!)


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