Kahn - on the nature of things - page 119

Built into us is a reverence for the elements, for water, for light, for air -- a deep reverence for the animal world and the green world. But, like everything which is deeply rooted in feeling and part of our psychic existence, it does not come forth easily. There are times when we feel strongly, but the simple matter of doing daily chores and solving daily problems keeps us away from the feelings about such simple, wonderful, motivating things.

Design is a circumstantial act. It is a battle with our human nature, wit the nature of nature, with the laws of nature, with the rules of man, and with principles. One must see all this to put it into being. Design is a material thing. It makes dimensions. It makes sizes. Form is a realisation of the difference between one thing and another, a realisation of what characterises it. Form is not a design, it is not a shape, not a dimension. It is not a material thing.


Louis Kahn: Essential Texts, Edited by Robert Twombly Norton & Company 2003




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