Kahn - on the place of our tools - page 72

One day I visited the site during the erection of the prefabricated frame of the building. The crane's 200-foot boom picked up 25 ton members and swung them into place like match sticks moved by hand. I resented the garishly painted crane, this monster which humiliated my building to be out of scale. I watched the crane go through its many movements all the time calculating how many more days this "thing' was to dominate the site and building before a flattering photograph of the building could be made.

Now I am glad of the experience because it made me aware of the meaning of the crane in design, for it is merely an extension of the arm like a hammer. Now I began to think of members 100 tons in weight lifted by bigger cranes.


Now the crane was a friend and the stimulus in the realisation of a new form.


Louis Kahn: Essential Texts, Edited by Robert Twombly Norton & Company 2003




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