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0886 Wander2a
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Late last night I pushed myself to let something emerge. The push was against simple exhaustion, it was late, I was tired and yet I wanted to get something out. I often do that, “one more!” The result looks quite harmonious to me. That is surprising, it felt like a battle and I called it Overwrought. It has no name now.

Earth Cross

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#0862 Earth Cross
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Today when I returned to the previous one, it was nothing like I recalled it. So I had to do it again.


Tech note. What happened is that since the crash my picture reduction system is not quite right. I will need to go back and re-do quite a few. They looked a lot better on my screen – and not till studying the blog have I noticed the problem!

I have now redone them all. Whew. Even that earlier cross looks better.


I had a lovely conversation with Christine, a friend. After I’d been chatting about Thousand Sketches for a while she reflected back I had a fascination with form.

She is right, I had never seen that so sharply. I am more fascinated by the form than the content. I like the shape of a sonnet. I’ll sketch it now!

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The canvas is a form. The blog is a form. The limited edition print is a form. (for all the artificial limitation in the digital age) .

Form is a wondrous thing. The medium is the message.


Shakespeare follows:

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In two separate conversations recently the same ideas cropped up. That a core value of art is that it is directly from the self. And art is good if it is innovative, and taps into the zeitgeist of the now. Maybe there moments when those two seemingly opposite aspects come together. They need to be hovering close together.

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#0853 Paradox
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Circles & syncronicity

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#0848 Circles
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Early hours. One more sketch – anything, before I sleep. I’ll doodle something.

But it does not work like that. I am in the midst of an exploration. I have been to New York. The doodle I swear is just a doodle. Yet there is synchronicity here. I did this a few days ago. I had a quick browse in a book on styles of art, and looked up Frank Stella, as I am just starting a chapter on him in Henry Geldzahler’s book. And there it was, my own doodle! It does give me a a good feeling, my recapitualtion is just about up to my childhood. Actually I think I am getting well into the sixties with the sketches, and the project as a whole – I think – is late 2007.

Can’t find it online. Will find it though & post a picture here. Now I want this book.

Later Monday, 24 December, 2007 :


And while looking at my image I just had to fiddle with it. Removed background – looks better IMO. It is on show: here.

Later: Friday, 25 July, 2008

And now look here, Lisa Rivas has made a stamp.

Night – & tech talk

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#0846 Night
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Did this in thank midsts of building up my crashed machine. Re-installing everything, going into a daze, into a whirl of sleepless night.

Tech talk.
I am not going to have this happen again. I have good backups, but only of data. Now I want the whole machine back, as it was. The trouble with that is that the old installations are usually deteriorated and sluggish, so I am only too happy to get a clean installation. However, I want to choose the time for that. This was not the time, the setup was only a few months old and was fine! So Paragon Disk Drive Backup – What do you think?

You Googled #0844 Green

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#0844 Green
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This sketch is one element of in the Thousand Sketches project. Sketches are only the start of it!

Completing the loop. (as my friend Dan called it)

So, maybe it is 2013. You have this print. You saw the number and the name: #0844 Green on it. And you read that line: Talk about green! And you got it! Google (to use that old fashioned gerund) “#0844 Green” and here you are. And being 2013, there are comments here, people talking about green.

And there is one thing you can say about green, unquestionable, green is good.

The art of art

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#0840 The art of art
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My technical mess-up (the hard disk crash and subsequent temporary loss of pen pallet and canvas) led to asking again why I did not use real media to birth the images in the first place. That is an interesting question. Even if I wanted a website, why this digital constraint? I have answered that in other posts in a sketchy way… exploring the psyche in cyberspace. It is good to state it again as it is central. I have for years past thought about what has happened with the psychology of text as it has become digitalised. See my other blog: Psyberspace But images and art, not text on my mind now. The image is the stuff the psyche is made of.

I like art to exude some sort of consciousness about (a phrase I just picked up here), “the art of making art”. Art, in its important and interesting moments is partly (but not wholly) about art.

The shape of my work is becoming clearer. I am pleased with a bolder line in the concept. It is not a new line, but it is firmer today. Not having the PC helped to see why I missed it. I need to do every sketch digitally. Physical sketching is fine, but it is not in this project. It would be as if Piet Mondrian switched to landscapes.

I am on a narrow path, for all the diversity in the sketches, they have to be digital.

And what is the central line on that path?

To do digital sketches? Surprisingly no.

To make prints from those sketches? No.

I work with the relationship between the virtual & the physical. It is in the RELATIONSHIP – it is all in the relationship!

The whole 1000 are a negative, a template, they have a relationship with their children, their physical children, the prints or other objects still to be born. The children can phone home, each object has a number and name. Google that to return.

Relationship between the virtual world and the physical is the punctum, that is where I will do my obsessive sticking to the point.