Lyttleton Harbour

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#0941 Lyttleton Harbour
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I have a few earlier sketches of the harbour. Kate & I have been walking in the Port Hills, familiarising ourselves with the terrain for the the “Over the top Ride” which is now in full-swing at Otahuna Riding.

Once I got into the swing of this pen I want ed to try it out in all sorts of ways. What is more subtle here is the gradation offered in ArtRage. I wanted the distance to recede more so added a gradient of haze. What I like about the “stencil” that does this is that the result is not purely mechanical & mathematical, the gradient is still produced by hand, but with a bit of help! A tool!

The edition of this image is available exclusively Felt, a rather wonderful New Zealand Art & craft site:

image felt art for sale site


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#0934 Lines
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Earlier in this blog, way back, I had the idea “The media is the muse” well it is happening again, I am simply enjoying the pen on the screen. Did a whack of them (two days ago now – disk failure has slowed me down, again!). I simply enjoy the art pen in ArtRage 2.5. Not that it is any better than the pen I have in Corel, but the interface is better, so it is a delight to work in that space. It counts!

I no longer really subscribe to the media being the muse, if I ever did. There is simply more to it. I will know where these lines fit in later. That seems to happen, the process becomes clear after the event.

Open to Joy

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#0929 Open to Joy
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Incantion, done. I have been putting this one off as it seemed too hard, but doing the in and out breath today, led to this. Not so much joy as being OPEN. Open is ok. Ok if you also know how to say no, or yes for that matter. The next one is its inverse, to flow with the breath.


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#0928 Pattern3
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The last two, particularly #0926 I thought might have been just a bit too much influenced by my reading the Krasner book. And no doubt it was, and is the better for it. However deciding to try one in other than black & white, the familiar returned, reminding me of others I have done, at least back as far as the 800s. Recapitulation, no doubt, but also something of my own emerging in this.

Urban Rhythm

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#0926 Urban Rhythm
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Friday, 23 May, 2008

Now for sale exclusively on Felt

image felt art for sale site

Saturday, 7 June, 2008

This image featured in the Walter Logeman: Gallery in June 2008

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011 sold 5/25 $145 for an a3+ from Felt – though I have some proofs at home still. To cine 43 ward Street Hamilton ph – 07 834 9116 This one is due for an upgrade in price.[/private]


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#0925 Orchard
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There is something quite nice about not having to face the complete new. One I will complete this whole project, and within it some, at least of the smaller frames, such as doing every flower in our garden.