Prints on Show – November 2007










Walter Logeman’s Thousand Sketches project is coming to its conclusion.
There will be a selection of prints on show during the month of November
including, at some time during the month, print #1000.

Prints will be for sale.

Opening: Monday 5 November
5.30 pm Viewing: Drinks & Nibbles
6.30 pm – A conversation about the project with Walter

Savoy Brown Café 143 High Street.

Thanks to Kate (from Savoy Brown) for the use of the space!






2 Replies to “Prints on Show – November 2007”

  1. wow wow wow

    i like your style very much… i like the way You see… the simplicity, colours and lines… i will be here constant viewer… thanks very much

  2. Congratulations Walter! How exciting and what determination you have had. You can certainly take pride in all the wonderful sketches and interest with your work.

    Hope you keep on drawing!


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