#1000 Departing Force

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#1000 Departing Force
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For the vertical to descend it departs as it returns.

So this is 1000. Thanks for your appreciation, encouragement involvement. So many people have cheered me on. Thank you!


I will continue to post here about the Thousand Sketches as the project continues to transform itself though I will not be adding sketches. You can stay in touch by subscribing to the feed for Thousand Sketches.

I will continue to blog & sketch on on my old blog: Psyberspace, please subscribe there and stay in touch as I continue to explore the psyche in Cyberspace, with sketches too of course.

This image is now featured in the Walter Logeman: Gallery

Contemplating One

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#0981 Contemplating One
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One thing leads to another. One of the hopes I have as the project comes to a close is that I will have a sense of unity. Yet I shun that too, I want to honour all the inner pulls and to go in all directions. But that war is tiring and brutal at times. One strong direction for me that has emerged and that is promising as a unifier is earth. I do hills and plants and crosses that symbolise the sacred of the here-and-now of earth. That focus has emerged, and I am pleased to notice it, make a new category. During the life of the project I have applied a maxim: Enhance what emerges. So to build on the earth theme I looked at blogs and articles on sacred earth and sketched moments that appealed and found titles inspired by the musings.

Earth Cross

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#0862 Earth Cross
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Today when I returned to the previous one, it was nothing like I recalled it. So I had to do it again.


Tech note. What happened is that since the crash my picture reduction system is not quite right. I will need to go back and re-do quite a few. They looked a lot better on my screen – and not till studying the blog have I noticed the problem!

I have now redone them all. Whew. Even that earlier cross looks better.