Black Egg

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#0841 Black Egg
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I can see why still life painters collect objects to paint. I might even do it! I don’t have many knick-knacks. Should I do more of my mouse? This egg is solid stone & jet black, and reflects the purest white. I have done it before, and will do it again.


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#0832 Cup
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Just because I have no pen does not mean I can stop! It has taken three days of installing 7 running around to get a PC that can get these images up. Now I am doing them. I must say, frustrating as it is doing this with a mouse, I am learning something. One thing is that I clench the mouse, I could let it flow more. Another is that I could emphasise the simple lines. See how one thing leads to another.


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#0782 Alchemy
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Maybe there is alchemy here because this was just black on white, and it transformed, or because there is something brewing in that beaker… or maybe I just did this one and the next few in the Alchemy café.

My day so far

We biked out to the beach through the park, had breakfast. I put up the rest of the sketches from yesterday’s drawing group. Then I did a few fast still life sketches (next post?) Walked through the panhandle then up he hill to Haight, then along past Ashbury till I found this café: Rocking Java I like it. Yelp.


And here is a sketch from the chairs in front of me. One of the eight still lifes I did today.

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#0621 Chairs
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Art on the wall is interesting РGicl̩es by John Mavroudis

This is one on the wall here:

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#0579 Move!
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11″ x 8.5″ image on 13″ x 19″ archival matte paper. I think this one will look good in the 1.2 meter wide canvas format.

I had a good time at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – I went three times during the day & took sketch breaks. So there may be a little bit of derivation going on. Obliquely. Looking at great art all day I get a real sense of what inspires me to create and it is the kinesthetic, large, and the thoughtfully bold. I’ll write up a bit more from my visit in the next post.

Balancing Rock

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#0566 Balancing Rock
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11″ x 8.5″ image on 13″ x 19″ archival matte paper.

This is an art work by my friend John H – which I took a photo of and now sketched. The digital version will survive this ephemeral creation. Rocks are balanced by feel – feel and more feel, an act of love & concentration, a meditation. Balance more rocks!

This particular one with its heart shape reminds me of works by Jim Dine. See the image below

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#333 Jabra
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Just looking around my desk for stuff to sketch. The form of this thing is elegant. It works OK with my Treo too, which does not look so elegant. The weird thing about this headphone is that it flashes blue light when it is on, looks ridiculous, but it can be disabled. Sometimes I forget to!


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#323 Shelf
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This is all stuff from my psychotherapy office. Like a postcard from work. I like it in that way. not sure about pencil lines over oil!


This print is in a limited edition of 25 Giclée prints on A3+, 33 cm x 48 cm archival paper. The image size is 35.5 cm x 25.5 cm. The next available print is: 1/25 Purchase Print


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